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Long Term Support: Emergency Aid in Palghar, India

Long term support after an emergency is critical - and as an organization whose roots are in India, we felt that it was important to support longer-term initiatives to assist those who were disproportionately impacted by the COVID surge there in May.

As such, we’ve partnered with our friends at Gabriel Project Mumbai and their women’s self-help initiative, called Tribal Threads, to make and distribute 25,000 face-masks across Palghar, India.

So far, they have distributed 17,000 of the masks, free of charge to students in 8th-12th grade in the Ashram Boarding School, as well as to local hospitals and in the tribal villages surrounding Palghar district. Through this project, 12 women have gained full time, fair wage employment over the last three months, enabling them to gain financial freedom whilst supporting their communities.

The Deputy Collector and Project Officer of Jawahar and Mokhada, Ms. Aayushi Signh was so full of gratitude and pleased to see ‘their children in the wonderful masks that were donated by RISE by Sundara’.

A big thank you to the donors who made this work possible!

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