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Emergency Aid: Jos, Nigeria Refugee Camp

RISE by Sundara partnered with Keturah Shammah from Girls Education Mission to support the communities of Bassa, Riyom and Barking Ladi of Plateau North. They have been experiencing a series of attacks by armed militants for years. Through our collaboration, 623 women were given the skills and resources to manage their personal hygiene whilst living in the refugee camp.


From the 29th of July, the attackers burned houses and destroyed the farmlands belonging to the indigenous people. These attacks have killed 69 people and have burned over 250 homes. The damage has left hundreds of people without shelter, clothes, food and sanitary supplies.

The displaced victims communicated with our partners that their most pressing needs include soap, hand sanitizers, facemasks and menstrual pads to help them manage their personal hygiene in the refugee camps. Menstruation is one of the most difficult challenges women and girls face during a conflict and disaster as sanitary products and private sanitation facilities are scarce. Additionally, it is currently the rainy season, and Nigeria is battling a third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic which increases the women's risk of infection.

Through our partnership, we taught 623 displaced women to make reusable pads and distributed facemasks, hand sanitizers and soap to families living in the Jos refugee camp.

A beneficiary, Rebecca Thomas thanked our partners “for coming to our rescue, wiping our tears and restoring our hope with these hygiene materials. When we reached out to you for support, we didn’t’ expect something good as this, but you have beaten our expectations and we just can’t thank you enough”.

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