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Empowering the most promising, women-led community solutions for the global water and hygiene crisis by becoming a founding member of RISE 100.

RISE 100

A Committee of Leaders Investing in Women. 

Rise 100 is a group of leaders investing in the success and mentorship of women entrepreneurs who are providing life-saving water, hygiene and sanitation solutions for their communities in a time of intense need. Our RISE 100 Members are part of a global movement to change the face of public health and social entrepreneurship. 

2 billion

People suffer daily due to a lack of clean water and hygiene interventions.


The demand for clean water has skyrocketed by 500% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

47 million

COVID-19 has pushed another 47 million women into extreme poverty, particularly in India and Africa.

we are impact investors.

meet our members.

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