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Nuha is providing clean water for 2,000 people a year!

Nuha is a young entrepreneur based in Indonesia who has used her STEM degree to design a water filter which removes metal ions from contaminated water, a frequent issue for people in Bangka, the island where Nuha is from. During Nuha's fellowship, she has worked on increasing youth advocacy for clean water as well as enabling +350 people to access her filters.

Continue reading below to learn more about Nuha's accomplishments as well as her hopes for the future.


“Can you tell us about your fellowship?”

My RISE Fellowship started in December of 2021 and I have since received seed-funding and personalized mentorship for my social enterprise, AiKite. I have enjoyed working with the RISE mentors and learning from their expertise. They have supported me to modify AiKite’s pitch deck, implement marketing tactics (which increase our sales) and we have worked on sharing our story and impact in an effective manner.

The seed funding has also helped us to manufacture more water filters which has allowed us to reach more communities without access to clean water. Since starting the RISE Fellowship, we have worked with over 50 households that all have approximately 7 people living within them.

“Since the beginning of your fellowship, how many lives have you been able to impact?”

We have hosted events for young people (aged 18-25) in Indonesia to raise awareness about water, sanitation, and hygiene management in their local communities. We are creating youth campaigns who advocate for improved WASH in Indonesia. Since starting our events, +200 national volunteers have participated in our campaigns.

We have also improved the water quality for +350 individuals who are based in one of our target villages. After graduating from the RISE Fellowship, we hope to reach 2,000 people by the end of the year.

“How have women been supported through your work?”

As a female entrepreneur I am passionate about employee empowerment and I am proud that 85% of my internal employees are women. The burden of collecting water is also predominantly the woman’s role in Indonesia, so by providing clean water she will be able to fullfill her responsibilities easier. We are also reducing the woman’s caring responsibilities by preventing people from contracting illnesses from polluted water.

“How do you think you have inspired other young girls in Indonesia?”

I hope to inspire women in Indonesia to study science and technology, and undertake a STEM career. This is important as it enables women to create innovative solutions for issues that directly affect our own communities. It was through studying a STEM subject that I am able to make the technology for the AiKite water filters and to create meaningful impact through my social enterprise.

“What do you envision the future of AiKite looking like?"

My team and I would like to work with more investors so that we can provide further benefits to our target communities and help to achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 6 (access to clean water). You can continue to follow our work on our LinkedIn and Instagram.

“Is there anything that you would like to mention?”

I would like to say a special thank you to all of the mentors and donors who have supported my organization through the RISE Fellowship. I am grateful for all of the knowledge that I have learned and for the advice through the challenges that I have faced. I appreciate all of the assistance and financial support from donors who stand by us in advancing clean and safe water management in Indonesia.

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