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Meet the newest member of our team: Rachel Gerber

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Rachel Gerber joined the RISE team to work on our fellowship’s project design, applicant selection process and monitoring and evaluation. Rachel comes to Sundara with over a decade of field work in International Development - across Haiti, Namibia, Zambia, India, Kenya and Nepal.

Rachel first met Erin, Sundara’s founder, in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya four years ago, and is excited to be working with Erin and the Sundara team on a program that was created, implemented and managed by women, for women.

Rachel moved to Israel from New Jersey, making Aliyah, over 8 years ago. She now lives in Tel Aviv, where she works as a Nonprofit Consultant to support charities who are 'fighting the good fight' but are limited in resources and have an endless amount of work. She uses her past-experience and critiques to hold non-profits to a high standard, as it ensures that they are working efficiently and effectively to serve their beneficiaries.

Through her decade of field work, Rachel has seen that there are enough resources for everyone, but they are not distributed equally. She also believes that you can’t make true change unless local communities are fully involved and immersed in the decision making process. This is what makes her passionate about working with RISE - as it encourages entrepreneurship and gives funding for women that are often overlooked by traditional funding mechanisms.

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