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Meet our new RISE Fellow, Glory Asam

Glory Asam is the Public Health Focal Lead for Alora Reusable Pads, a social enterprise addressing the menace of period poverty through the production and distribution of reusable clothes pads combined with critical menstrual health hygiene education in Nigeria. Alora pads was founded to ensure that women and girls observe their period dignifiedly irrespective of socioeconomic ability.

Continue reading below to learn more about Glory and her social enterprise.


"What issue does your social enterprise aim to resolve?"

In Nigeria, the high cost of sanitary products causes girls from indiginous homes to suffer from period poverty. The girls miss school, engage in transactional sex to purchase sanitary products which increases their risks of STIs like HIV/AIDs. There is also a high prevalence of teenage pregnancies and sometimes, the girls end up dying due to poor menstrual hygiene. We are working to improve access to hygiene supplies which will in turn improve the overall health and safety of marginalized girls in Nigeria.

"What is your solution?"

Alora Reusable Pads works to tackle period poverty in Nigeria through the production and distribution of reusable clothes pads. So far, we have been able to produce over 3,000 units of reusable pads which we distribute to female students in marginalized communities in Nigeria. We have also been able to provide employment for 6 women which increases the national GDP and enables the girls to financially support themselves and their families.

My goals for Alora Pads to be a leading producer of affordable, eco-friendly, comfortable reusable pads in West Africa and to address period poverty through distribution of reusable pads and provision of menstrual health and hygiene management.

"What inspires you to do this work?"

Having experienced period poverty first hand, I know how difficult this challenge can be. For those affected by period poverty, it can prevent girls from attending school along with a long list of illnesses caused by poor hygiene. I strongly believe women and girls need to experience their period in a dignified manner irrespective of their financial capacity.

"What excites you most about becoming a RISE Fellow?"

The fellowship provides me with the opportunity to learn from professionals across several sectors which will support me to grow my company and make it more sustainable. I am excited to tell them about my social enterprise grow my business and impact using their expertise.

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Amazing, addressing period poverty is our goal. Thank you RISE

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