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Meet our Board Member: Rishie Narula

Rishie Narula's purpose in life is to help other people: their joy brings him happiness.

Born in Delhi, Rishie moved from India to the United States for a new job at Google 5 years ago. While he was studying in Mumbai he volunteered weekly in an orphanage, teaching English and Math, which he found incredibly meaningful. Serving as a board member for Sundara allows him to continue to give back to people who are less fortunate, and gives him the opportunity to socialize and learn from a diverse group of fellow leaders on the board.

When you speak with Rishie, you notice he is so many things: grounded, self-aware, reflective and a great listener. He firmly believes that everything happens for a reason and to trust the path that you are on. Learning from your previous life experiences and using them to move you forward is one of his biggest keys to success.

Rishie recently met a soldier who was treated poorly due to his skin color. This specific incident stuck with him and made him think more sensitively about racism in America. It struck Rishie how the soldier was bound by a stereotype despite all of the service that he has done for his country. This has made Rishie more aware of his own unconscious biases as a person of color in this country.

On top of his job at Google and board membership with Sundara, Rishie hosts a podcast and is a talented musician and performer. He dreams of one day creating a platform for aspiring musicians to share their talents. His life motto is to 'live in the moment' and finding gratitude in big moments and small that have brought you to the place you are in now.

RISE is particularly important to Rishie because he is passionate about giving people with great ideas the opportunity and tools to achieve them. He hopes that through his work as a board member, it will contribute towards creating a better world and is inspired by our fellows who are making crucial changes in their communities.
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