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Meet our Board Member Michael Ayat

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Michael was born in Dubai and was raised in both France and South East Asia. Growing up in several different parts of the world and in different cultures, it was clear to Michael from an early age that there are huge economic-disparities and how many people live in abject poverty while nearby, others live a luxurious life. Through his upbringing and his experiences in high school, where he worked as a volunteer fundraiser for communities in India, Michael knew that giving back was something that he wanted to maintain throughout his adult life.

Michael works at Goldman Sachs as a Private Wealth Advisor where he helps non-profits and individuals with investment management. He is driven to continue to work with both public charities and private foundations so that they can sustainably grow financially and continue to expand their missions.

In 2018, Michael attended Sundara’s Annual fundraiser in New York, where he was inspired by the mission and spoke to Erin, our Founder, about his interest in getting involved. From there, Michael became a board member for Sundara and has enjoyed contributing to the cause and learning from his fellow board members.

RISE is particularly important to Michael as he believes that it’s the best way to spend a dollar to have the widest and deepest impact. He is grateful for the opportunity to connect and interact with our fellows and learn about their projects. Michael feels inspired by the way water, sanitation, and hygiene innovations often have simple solutions yet have such a drastic impact on people’s health. He particularly enjoys learning how our fellows across the globe are working within their own communities to make changes for the better.

Michael encourages everyone to get involved in supporting non-profit organizations either through donating time or money to a cause that they believe in.

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