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Susan Favour Odongo is the founder of Motisha A Dada initiative, a community-based enterprise that supports households in the informal settlements and rural areas of Kisumu County- Kenya to improve hygiene and sanitation through the provision of affordable homemade liquid soap. Through this initiative, women's economic empowerment is enhanced as they have both access to affordable soap as well as employment through the initiative. Using women to reach women with this product has improved hygiene and sanitation and also serves as a source of income for those involved in distribution and sales.

Buying soap for low-income households is a luxury due to high prices and it is common practice in informal settlements and rural homes for families to share a piece of soap. This initiative has enabled families to buy cheaper multi-purpose soap that is used for handwashing, washing utensils and laundry. The need for soap has been increased as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and Motisha A Dada is providing for those needs.

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