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Purvi is the Co-founder and Director of Anahat For Change Foundation. Anahat is a youth-led non-profit based out of West Bengal working to create a society where women and girls can enjoy equal rights and entitlements. Anahat's mission is to work towards creating an enabling environment for women and girls by equipping them with knowledge, life skills and capacity building. Anahat's Project Unnati provides alternative livelihood options to women in vulnerable areas of West Bengal and at the same time solves the problem of inaccessibility and affordability of menstrual care products.

Nearly 40,000 women lose their lives in India due to poor menstrual hygiene annually, 80% uses rags and even sand, ash, leaves and hay rather than pads. 31% of women reported reduced productivity during periods, missing an average of 2-3 days of work monthly, and 23 million drop out of school at the onset of menstruation every single year. Through Project Unnati women groups make sustainable reusable cloth pads, underwear, baby diapers and masks by the brand name in order to earn an alternative form of livelihood and support their families and community’s access to hygiene products.

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