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RISE is Partnering with Johnson &Johnson!

Sundara has been hand-picked by Johnson & Johnson to be featured on CaringCrowd - a platform dedicated to matching funds that nonprofits raise for global, health-based initiatives.

Our goal is to raise $15,000 to support three female entrepreneurs working on water, health and hygiene innovations, preventing the spread of COVID in their own communities.

Each entrepreneur will receive a year of business training, virtual mentorship and $5000 in seed funding.

We are asking you to pledge your support here.

We're also asking you to spread this link far and wide, to colleagues, friends and families.

If we don't raise $15,000 by November 23rd, all pledged support is directed back to the donors and RISE receives no funding. So it's truly all or nothing.

We have already raised over $2,200...will you join us for the rest of the way?

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