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Mobile Health Clinic in Mumbai: COVID-19 Response

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

We have partnered with the Myna Mahila Foundation, an NGO working to improve women's health in urban slums in Mumbai, to set up a mobile health clinic. We have sponsored the medical supplies for the clinic, providing community-based health services, medicine and guidance to underserved populations.


The coronavirus pandemic caused India to go into a state of emergency in April 2021, triggering the statewide lockdown in Maharashtra. The new fast-spreading Delta coronavirus variant and lack of resources created a huge burden on hospitals and public health facilities. At this time, people avoided going to the hospitals due to the lack of beds and out of fear of contracting the virus. Additionally, the limited access to medical supplies, advice, and services heightened the number of people severely affected by the virus, as patients could not access the healthcare they required.

The Myna Foundation set up a mobile clinic and began screening patients with common ailments such as general coughs, colds and body aches which was present in 80% of the patients. The clinic set out to care for vulnerable communities that would not otherwise be able to access medical support. From there, the clinic saw an increase in patients who voluntarily went to the clinic for a consultation. Many of the families who attended the clinic had not been able to receive medical treatments beforehand, but the communities were keen to utilise the clinic, with 82% of the beneficiaries being new patients.

The communities express their gratitude for the mobile clinic on a daily basis. The Myna Mahila staff drive to underserved areas and provide healthcare for patients, which in turn reduces the demand on the local hospitals. We have supported the clinic by providing medical equipment which has been used to treat over 3,500 patients.

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