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Emergency Food Aid in Bangalore: COVID-19 response

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

We have partnered with Sri Ram from the Prasanna Trust to deliver 3,450 meals in Bangalore to people in need through their COVID-19 Anna Daana Service. Beneficiaries from the meals included patients in hospitals, from low-income areas, daily wage workers and the homeless.


The Prasanna Trust saw the dire amount of need in Bangalore become exasperated by the lockdown and set the ambitious goal of serving thousands of meals every day. In order to deliver this service, they have recruited young volunteers to help complete this task.

The second wave of the pandemic in India presented a more serious threat to those in need. The lockdown increased the number of people struggling to access their basic needs, as many people in India are reliant on gaining a daily income in order to survive. Having seen the hardships that this caused for so many people in Bangalore, the Prasanna Trust became determined to serve their communities.

RISE by Sundara sponsored 3,450 meals through the Prasanna Trust, helping to support struggling individuals and families through the lockdown.

To support more communities through our Emergency Aid program, click here to donate.

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