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A COVID Update: Eram's Story

One of our board members, Eram Siddiqui, founder and CEO of Hudson+Bleecker writes for us this week.

Eram inspired us, when, just days after giving birth, she started her own personal initiative to give back to her community in Queens, which was particularly hard hit during the COVID crisis.

"In a few days COVID upended my life. I watched, helpless, as my world transitioned from on-the-go business-woman to staying at home every day with a toddler and newborn. I felt lost and scared.

Suddenly my normal wants and desires were replaced by a feeling of gratitude that I could at least provide the basics for myself and my family. My heart broke when I realized that so many of our neighbors here in New York City, did not have access to basic needs and self care items. In particular I kept thinking of the brave doctors and nurses working day and night in hospitals on the front lines. I knew that I could do something to help.

As the founder and CEO of Hudson+Bleecker, a travel and lifestyle accessories brand, philanthropy and community support is rooted in our company's ethos. While my company was not in a position to access large supplies of masks and other PPE, we could find another way to help. We realized we could do something small yet meaningful, lifting healthcare workers spirits with curated care packages.

We rallied our generous friends at beauty and health companies and created beautiful packages with the help of Native, Savor Beauty, Ettitude, Tocca, Lather, R+Co and European Wax Studios. Our toiletry bags contained deodorant, body wash, toothpaste, hair care, face cream, lotion, hand cream, lip balm, a silk sleep mask and a gift card. 

To date we have donated over 500 care packages to front line workers in New York, California and Pennsylvania. We have been able to support the COVID and ICU units of Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, NY; NYU Langone in NYC, Fountain Valley Hospital in Orange County, CA and Pennsylvania University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.

We are so grateful to all the companies and individuals who have lead with the generosity to make this possible, and above all the brave healthcare workers who inspire us every day."

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