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  • How do I apply?
    Applications are now closed for 2022.
  • I am a male, can I be a RISE Fellow?"
    At this time we we are committed to solely supporting female entrepreneurs
  • Do the employees of my organization need to be female?
    The majority of employees (full and part time) must be female.
  • What do you class as a low and middle-income country?
    You can use this map to check the classification of your country:
  • Can I apply in my native language?
    We can only accept applications in written English.
  • Can I apply for both the RISE Fellowship and Emergency Aid program?
    Yes, however we can only accept you for one, not both, so please apply for whichever you feel you are the best fit for.
  • I work for an NGO that does not focus on WASH, can I still become a RISE Fellow?"
    Yes, if there is a WASH element in your work that you are focusing on.
  • How long will I receive seed-funding, mentorship and business resources for?"
    One year
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