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Medical Care Centre in Bangalore: COVID-19 Response

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

We partnered with Tuhina from the One Billion Literates Foundation, who is organizing a 50 bed COVID-19 Care Centre in Bangalore to support patients who need urgent treatments but cannot access the hospital. The centre is staffed with doctors and nurses, enabling patients to acquire professional 24-hour care and adequate oxygen supply until a nearby hospital bed is available.

This initiative supports communities in accessing urgent health care and obtaining vital, life-saving treatments while the local hospitals are at capacity. Through supporting Tuhina, your donation funds professional care to support over 600 patients this month.

This program is taking place in an area that is home to 700,000 people. As the virus spread across the community, the demand for oxygenated beds increased; however, there weren't any COVID-19 medical centres for people to go to. Tuhina, together with the One Billion Literates Foundation, stepped up to support their local hospitals by creating a care centre where they can refer COVID-19 patients to.

We have sponsored the salary of a doctor who will be able to provide 24/7 care for over 600 patients a month. This centre is equipped to provide emergency oxygen-related support until a hospital bed is available. This not only supports the patients in dire need of medical attention, but also supports the local hospitals by reducing their demand.

This COVID-19 care centre is now supporting over 250 villages, picking up patients who are without transport via their ambulance service and providing urgent care to people who desperately need it.

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