Sundara’s India branch, Sundar India, inaugurated its fifth workshop in Southern India in the state of Goa. Sundar’s Goa operation was opened in partnership with Goa Waste Management Corporation, the Travel & Tourism Association of Goa, Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry and New Dawn Ashadeep Special School. We are so thrilled to see Sundar India open this operation, which will continue to spread our women's employment and hygiene promotion throughout the region.


Goa is one of the most heavily touristed areas in India: with miles of tropical, sandy beach, it is estimated that Goa has 4,400 hotels and attracts roughly 50 million tourists a year. Sundar India's strategic placement of a soap recycling center in one of India's most popular tourist attractions will greatly increase the amount of soap bars we recycle- and increase the amount of beneficiaries reached.

Already, Sundar India''s recycling center in Goa has already partnered with 12 hotels, and recycled over 1,000 bars of soap in its first month of operation. By February of 2019 we will be reaching 2,000 children each month with soap and hygiene education.


The distribution partner for this program is the New Dawn Ashadeep Special School, which caters to the needs of the intellectually and developmentally disabled. The school will now incorporate soap recycling training programs into their curriculum. This does not just give the students an opportunity to learn a specialized skill, but their work will also impact the greater community of Goa with the soap they are making and hygiene education they will be spreading.


All photos by Bryson Kuan

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